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Podcast Intros and Podcast Editing Services

We are helping podcasters with their podcast audio branding. This includes great sounding podcast intros and jingles, royalty free music as well as full podcast editing and production services for both audio and video podcasts.

Our team is helping thousands of podcasters each year to take their audio to the next level. A good podcast intro will help to give your podcast its own brand identity. Build your own podcast jingle by first browsing our individual voiceovers, then simply type in your script and order online your podcast intro/outro or an ad within a few clicks. Alternatively contact our team for a bespoke audio quote.

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Podcasting FAQs

Podcast Intro - Where To Start?

It's THE most important audio branding element in your podcast. It's important to get it right. Start with a written script for a voice over. Include podcast name, host name and a killer reason on why this podcast is so good over others. Include details on who it's for so that your listeners immediately identify with the target audience. Once your script is ready, send it over to our team. We can take a look it, suggest some adjustments and help you choose the right voice and music for it.

How Long Does It Take To Create a Podcast Intro?

Well, it can be as fast as 24h if you are in a hurry! Typically our work takes approx 1-3 working days. Voice over will record your script, we quality control it, send it to our producer to add music and sound effects if you have selected those. We then quality control once again and then send over to you to enjoy.

What Is a Podcast?

A podcast is essentially an audio programme, similar to a standard radio show. But rather than tuning in, listeners download or stream episodes on a computer or smartphone, and listen at a time and in a place to suit them. Podcasters offer listeners a broad range of content, from popular subjects to something rather more niche, and these broadcasts are easier to create and distribute than a radio show. It’s a highly accessible way of reaching new audiences.

Do I Need To Edit My Podcast?

Ideally yes, you certainly should. Indeed, editing is a vital part of the podcasting process if you’re keen on giving your listeners a top-quality broadcast. And we’ve written about this previously. So it’s definitely worth learning about the relevant software and having a few practice edits.

How To Get Guests On Your Podcast?

It’s definitely great if you can get a guest podcaster. Doing so enriches your content, draws new subscribers in and provides expert information, while also promotes networking. As for how you can get them involved, search traditional media (newspapers, radio and TV) as well as the web (YouTube is a good source) and social media. Who has done research or recently written a book in your specialist area? Equally, don’t be shy when it comes to being a guest on someone else’s podcast to boost your industry credibility and reputation. Either accept an invitation to speak – or invite yourself!

Downloading vs Streaming a Podcast

When you download a podcast episode, the audio file is stored on your device, so if your Wi-Fi or 4G signal is interrupted, you’ll still be able to listen. Downloading podcasts clearly uses up storage room on your device. Streaming means the content is broadcast to your device in real time, and for this you’ll need an uninterrupted internet connection.

How To Come Up With Ideas For Your Podcast?

It’s always good to have a process for coming up with ideas for fresh content. Brainstorming can help, as can doing your research so that you understand your audience and what they need and want to listen to. Grab a pen and paper or open a blank computer document and give yourself up to two minutes to write down everything that comes to mind. Don’t hesitate or cross out – just keep writing. And have your audience firmly in mind throughout. You can also use external tools such as Ahrefs to learn what people may be searching for in your niche. It's an expert tool, so may not be for you if you are just starting out!

How Can We Help You Develop a GREAT Podcast?

Excellent question! Essentially, we offer superb podcast intros and jingles, royalty-free music, plus the full suite of podcast editing and production services for both audio and video content. We have been doing this since 2005 and have over 150+ voiceovers working with us. It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned podcaster or just starting out - we can help take your sound to the next level!

Music And Sound Effects In Your Podcast Intro

You can enhance your podcast intro by adding sound and vocal effects to your brand identity. Sound effects could be very niche specific (hammer for lawyers, ambience of a specific environment (such as traffic, market, forest etc). OR they can be whooshes, electric snaps etc. The choice is yours! Vocal effects can add depth to the voice and help keep engagement in longer scripts read by a voice actor. If in doubt - ask our team of audio specialists - we are here to help you make the right choice!