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Free Jingles & Audio Production Tools

Free radio jingles & audio production tools when you spend $30/£30 in our store. Fantastic, high quality production tools to help you with your audio production journey. You need to add the product to basket together with qualifying purchase of $30/£30 or more. Discount will be automatically applied. One free bonus allowed per order. To get more you will need to place another qualifying order.




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Free Jingles FAQs

What Are Jingles?

You probably already think you know what a jingle is, but, for the avoidance of doubt, jingles are short snatches of sound used in advertising and other commercial settings as a form of audio branding to promote products or services.

What Makes a Great Jingle?

The perfect jingle is catchy, memorable and engaging, so much so that, once heard, they simply cannot be shifted from the listener’s head. In other words, they’re ‘earworms’! Equally, a good jingle will also include something about what makes your brand unique. Simplicity and brevity are key factors behind powerful jingles.  

Why Have One?

A jingle incorporating your brand name or other identifying feature makes it easy for customers to remember you and what sets you apart from the competition. So make sure yours includes what you want someone to remember above all else.

What Are You Offering Here?

Here at Music Radio Creative, our special deals are changing all the time. But we’re currently offering a range of high quality production tools for free when you spend more than £20/$20 in our store. Simply add your chosen freebie to the basket together with your order (valued at min £20/$20) - discount will apply automatically.

What Format Will You Deliver My Audio In?

Most of the audio ordered is delivered as either mp3 or WAV. You can however specify any other format at the time of placing the order. Note that you can only choose a specific format on our custom voice overs and jingles. Instant downloads have pre-specified format (which is made clear on the product page).

Any Questions About Free JinglesAnd Production Tools?

Our team at Music Radio Creative stands ready to answer any questions you may have at any time, so we’ll always be happy to help. Just drop our team an email - we will get back to you as fast as possible.