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Why Do I Need Presets?

Working with presets doesn’t restrict your creativity. In fact the exact opposite! The presets are there to help you establish good post production practices, introduce you to more complex effect combinations and and allow you to be more time efficient with the post production you do. They allow you to remain consistent with the sound quality of the audio work you do.

Who Are The Presets For?

Over the years we have sold hundreds of presets to producers with various skills levels. The presets are suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Detailed video tutorials are there to help and guide you through all the settings and advanced view option allows more advanced users to go deeper into what Adobe Audition has to offer.

"Mike is the most prolific instructor online, showing you how to do not just basics but fun, technical stuff in Adobe Audition. You couldn’t have a better teacher and a better trainer.”

Durin Gleaves - Product Manager - Adobe Systems

"We use Mike’s videos to teach people in the team on how to use Adobe Audition. They are that good!"

Charles Van Winkle - Adobe Systems

"Your coaching was the kind of thing I would never be able to do on my own (even if I’d seen a tutorial) but you were able to do in seconds.”

Neil Anderson

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Mike Russell

Mike has been producing audio since 1990s, his career started in radio in the UK. He has also been an on-air presenter but soon discovered that audio production was where his heart was. He is the founder of Music Radio Creative – an international audio production company. He is now primarily teaching audio production. Mike is an Adobe recognised expert and often speaks on Adobe stages around the world.

Customer Reviews

"Not only are the Audition Presets incredible, they make my production sound so much better and save me masses of time, and thats invaluable to me.”

Lee Roe 

"Mike’s great presets changed my audio workflow 10 fold! I love the ability to drop in audio and have it sound perfect. I work in radio so being able to produce audio quickly and accurately is a must! I’ve also completely revamped my imaging library thanks to your Instant Downloads! Thanks for all your great work!”

Andrew Hornick 

"I want to thank you for bringing us your amazing Audition Presets 2.0. The should sell them in Adobe with the software. It is a must-have for everybody. Version 2.0 is just perfect. More voice effects (my favourite is the robotic voice and voice hot), more music and SFX tracks. It is full of variety, it is simple to use and I achieve great all the same time. I want to thank you for everything you and Izabela are doing. I learned everything from your tutorials!”

Jozef Pikula