Podcast Audio Production

Outsource your entire podcast production process to the top audio producers in the world. Take your podcast sound to a pro new level.


What's Included

Post production of your audio podcast episodes can be frustrating and time consuming. The good news is - it doesn’t have to be that way! Outsource your whole podcast production to expert audio producers - with full training in producing professional shows - all you will have to do is record each episode and send us the unedited files for further production.

We recognise that each podcaster is unique and tailor our services to suit your specific needs.

Adding EQ and light compression as necessary and needed - this will vary from one podcast to another due to differences in equipment and sound quality.

Setting the perceived loudness level to the new agreed industry standard for internet, mobile and podcast audio consumption (-16 LUFS)

Inserting any provided audio branding elements and jingles into your podcast

  • Reducing breaths and microphone pops (where they are noticeable and impact on quality)

Post producing any blips/mistakes (if you say something wrong and then correct yourself - although we would require clear markers in the audio or written notes (you can clap for example or create a 5-10 second pause between the takes)

Noise removal where possible (if your podcast is recorded in a very bad recording environment - for example live events or interviews)


Every podcaster is assigned the main producer AND the backup producer. Every step of the way we have your back covered!

Best Industry Standards

We not only select the best producers in the market - we also invest in continues training and quality control of the work we do.

Top Podcasters Trust Us

We are proud to work with some of the largest podcasters and organisations in the world. You are truly in the best hands!


Anna Rova  -  Girlskill Podcast

"Working with Izabela and her team has been a blast! We've been together for a year now and I can always rely on the team's amazing production quality, fast and reliable communication and trust that my podcast is in good hands!"

Brianna Silva  - Females in Fantasy

"The folks at Music Radio Creative are supremely good at what they do. They are organized, reliable, and surprisingly fast, and they make my podcast sound amazing. It saves me a lot of time and headache knowing I can outsource my editing to them, allowing me to focus on what I care about: interviewing my guests and creating quality content."

Adrian Banning  -  Airwaves and Educators

"Music Radio Creative has been a joy to work with. They respond very quickly, turn around time is very fast and they provide very organized and appropriate advice. Highly recommend their warm and professional services."

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