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AI Voices

Text-to-speech voice overs use artificial intelligence technology to generate human-like speech. AI voice over generators for podcasts, radio and DJs have gained popularity as a way to streamline audio production, save time and provide consistent narration. 

AI Voice Generator
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World Health Organisation
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Step 1

Select your favourite realistic voice.

Step 2

Type in your script.

Step 3

Add music, vocal fx and/or sound fx.

24h Delivery

On most AI voice orders

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Script Writing

Stuck? Our team can help write the perfect script for your AI generated voice

AI Voices FAQs

What can AI Voice Be Used For?

You can use our realistic AI voices to create DJ drops, radio imaging, podcast intros, trailers, audio books, presentations, YouTube projects and anything in between. Your creativity is your only limit.

What's the difference between human and AI generated voice?

Behind our human voice overs there are professionals who trained as actors and record audio as their full time job. Our artificial intelligence voices are a text to speech synthesis (and the quality is improving all the time!)

What are the benefits of using AI generated voices?

AI voices offer more budget friendly solution. They are also made much quicker with delivery times of 24h or less during working week.

Do AI Voices sound like human voices?

Yes and no. Check out Mike (human) and Mike AI - can you tell the difference? Languages and accents are fantastic - we know that AI text to speech can produce excellent results.

Can AI Technology Deliver Multiple Languages?

YES! Our realistic AI voices can deliver audio in different languages and accents. Synthetic voices are currently working in over 20 languages (you can see the full list on each product description).

How Is Your AI Voice Generator Unique?

At Music Radio Creative we have a unique approach to AI generated voices. Our professional producers generate the perfect cut for you, add any production values (such as music, sound fx and vocal fx) and you get the perfectly polished final cut ready to be published. No more endless generations and time spent stitching together multiple takes - we do that all for you! We call it an AI Voice Generator with a twist.

How Long Does It Take To Get AI Voices?

We deliver majority of our AI voice overs within 24h or less. It depends if you added production touches such as music, sound effects and vocal fx. We are the only company that does that btw - you are in the hands of the pros!

How Our Customers Are Using AI Voice Generator?

Majority of our customers will type in the script and leave the rest to us! You can add comments with specific pronunciation requests, tone of the voice and anything else you feel is relevant. We deliver corporate reads, radio ads, jingles, narration projects, audio books, podcast intros and anything else under the sun.

Human Voices

Human Voices

Looking for something completely bespoke? Browse our human voice overs. All full time, trained actors ready to help with your next project!

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