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DJ Drops & DJ Packages For Great DJs

Great sounding DJ drops, DJ jingles and DJ packages at your fingertips. You can create your own by choosing a voiceover. Our professional voice artists can record your dj jingle in a wide range of styles, accents and languages. Browse our pre-made DJ packages with the most popular "In the mix" or sound effects and music to help you take your DJ set to the next level.

Since 2005 our work has been trusted by well-known brands from all over the world and we can generate and produce your DJ jingle in 24 hours if required. So whether you are looking for a new DJ intro or a jingle with a bit of a difference we can cater for you.

DJ Drops & DJ Intros FAQs

What Is a DJ Drop?

DJ drops or producer DJ tags are short voiceover messages (probably of no more than 10 words) ‘dropped’ into the middle of any musical performance, or in this case - DJ Mix. This short audio sample features the name of the DJ as a spoken word, and it can be used throughout a mix. It makes the audience appreciate who is behind the decks, so that listeners associate the name with the music and the DJ set, and remember the name. Produced skillfully and with the right equipment, this audio can be interesting, creative and engaging.

What Voice Is Best For DJ Drops?

In truth the options are almost limitless and you can use the voice, accent or dialect of your choice. At Music Radio Creative, we have a huge number of artists able to record your DJ drop in an array of different styles in UK or US accents and more. Not sure what would work best? Get in touch - our team of audio experts can help with something like this for free! This is what makes us stand apart from competitors.

How Long Does It Take To Complete My DJ Drop?

Typically all orders are completed within 1-5 working days. If you are in a hurry we do offer 24h delivery (you can add that to your order when the prompt appears). Larger packages typically take 3-5 working days to complete. If you have a specific question or deadline - just let our team know!

What Are The Benefits To Having DJ Drops?

Not only are DJ drops cost-effective and versatile, they can help you connect with your audience by giving it a fresh perspective. Those listening will always appreciate a custom-made, high-quality DJ drop, so a good one will also increase brand recognition and familiarity. What’s more, they can bring a fresh energy to your DJ sets. At Music Radio Creative, we offer many different packages for DJs to take your mixes up a good few notches. Get in touch today to learn more about how we could enhance your performance.