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Christmas Jingles

Christmas jingles for radio stations, ads, podcasters, creators and DJs. Browse our ready made jingle packages, high quality festive royalty free music beds or get in touch for a custom quote. Festive voiceovers, radio jingles, radio ads, IDs and so much more. We love festive season and our job is to ensure that your audience does too!




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Christmas Jingles FAQs

Why Christmas Jingles Matter?

You may occasionally find holiday jingles infuriating, but the reality is that Christmas music can make people spend more and listen for longer, a notion which is backed up by scientific research. A recent survey of 1,500 Brits, for example, found that two in three (64%) of shoppers like to hear some festive sounds when they’re out and about. The most popular reason given for this was that it boosted their mood.And, love them or loathe them, holiday tunes have been deeply engrained in our culture for decades – everyone can name at least six Christmas songs straight off the top of their heads.Jingles for the season add a hefty dollop of atmosphere, at a very specific time of year. Make your DJ drop seasonal for a big Christmas night out, or create mood for a podcast discussing something festive, or add sparkle to your radio show throughout the holiday season.

Do I Need Celebrity To Record It?

You might think someone famous should record your jingle, but think about all the big seasonal TV ad campaigns; they tend to use more ‘regular Joe’ types. It’s important that you get the voice spot-on with the right level of warmth, but it doesn’t have to be done by anyone well-known.

Ask Us About Christmas Jingles!

Whatever queries you may have about seasonal jingles, we’ll be delighted to help. Our dedicated customer support team will take you through the process.

Too Early To Play Yuletide Jingles?

Good question! But it’s not one that’s easily answered, since so much depends on personal preferences. Some are adamant that nothing Christmas-related should assault our ears before December 1 – but you will hear Yuletide jingles from November or even late October onwards. The danger of starting too early, of course, is that you risk serious overkill by the time you’re halfway through the season.So as a general rule of thumb, we’d probably agree with those sticking to holiday jingles during December only.

What Should I Include In My Jingles?

Well, that’s totally up to you, of course, and it will also depend on the broadcast medium. For a DJ drop, just a seasonal greeting plus your name will work well. For a podcast, you may want to incorporate a snatch of music as well, or seasonal sounds such as sleigh bells.  As with all jingles, Christmas ones need to be catchy and memorable - stay positive and upbeat!We’d advise avoiding the potentially sensitive area of religion in your Christmas jingles, and caution against overdoing the humour. For most efforts, you’re better off playing on people’s emotions and tugging at the old heartstrings than playing for laughs.