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Radio Jingles and Voice Overs For Radio

Expert Radio Imaging Solutions Since 2005: Crafting radio jingles, sweepers, and IDs for the global broadcasting community. With years of experience in radio imaging, we have created thousands of radio jingles, sweepers, and IDs for radio stations worldwide. Our comprehensive imaging packages cater to all your needs, from host-specific essentials to full radio station makeovers featuring multiple voice artists.

Explore our audio production libraries, stocked with royalty-free audio elements designed to elevate the sound of your radio or a radio show. Additionally, we offer customisable pre-made radio jingle packs and presets that will save you not just time but also money!

Our versatile team also specialises in Radio Ads of all sizes, providing both spoken voice-overs and sung jingles performed by our skilled voice artists. Choose from an array of styles, languages, and accents to find the perfect fit for your station. For those on a tight budget, don't miss our current sale for outstanding value.

Upgrade your radio imaging experience with us today and set your station apart from the rest.




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Radio Jingles & Radio Imaging FAQs

What Is Radio Imaging?

Radio imaging is a generic term referring to the combined effect of the various sounds which collectively identify, brand and market a radio station. The list of things coming under this umbrella includes music, radio IDs, voiceovers, intros, promos, jingles and so on. It’s the auditory equivalent of visual branding elements such as colour and logo.

Why Is Radio Imaging Important?

Radio imaging identifies your station or a particular show to make it individual. Not only does it push you above the competition, but it can help draw in more listeners or retain those already tuning in, while building more excitement about your station. It goes without saying that radio is an audio medium, and so it needs to be supported by auditory branding.Radio imaging sets the tone, feel and mood of your station so that you appeal strongly to your target demographic. It can also form the transitions between songs or other elements. Crucially, it can seriously contribute to your growth potential.

What Are Radio Jingles?

Radio jingles generally last no more than 20 seconds and play just before the next song begins. They usually include the name of the radio station. These are sometimes also called sweepers, stingers, IDs, bumpers, idents, sweeps, intros or shotguns.

How Can Music Radio Creative Help You?

Music Radio Creative can help you make your radio station more distinctive and memorable. We have everything you need to create a distinctive audio brand, whether you’re after something for a particular host or a full station makeover involving multiple voice artists. We have been making radio jingles since 2005, we have a very individual approach to all of our clients and strive to create radio imaging you will be proud of! No matter if you are just at the beginning of your radio adventure or a seasoned broadcaster - we are able to help!

What Are Other Types Of Radio Imaging?

There are quite a few of these. Here are just some of them:

Liners: Are simply a quick announcement of the station’s name.

Promos: These short talk pieces tell listeners about shows that are coming up, and encourage them to listen in. They need to explain the programme’s day and time, while conveying emotion and just enough information to stimulate interest.

Drop-ins: These are brief audio clips from films, songs or television.

Intros and outros: These clips contain station name with a slogan to mark the end and start of a show. Creating a smooth transition, again they provide clear identification and help sustain listener interest.