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Elevate Your Brand with Customised Audio Ads and On-Hold Messages in Just a Few Clicks. Transform your business's promotional strategy with radio, TV, and online audio ads, as well as on-hold messages tailored to your needs. From podcasts, apps, and websites to YouTube channels, our bespoke audio solutions are designed to captivate your target audience and promote your products or services effectively.

Simply input your script and receive an instant quote for audio ads and commercials ranging from 15 to 60 seconds in length.

Established in 2005, our expertise has earned the trust of renowned brands worldwide. Select from our extensive collection of over 150 voice-over talents in multiple languages and styles. Elevate your audio with the perfect blend of music, sound effects, and post-production elements to create a remarkable auditory experience.

For those on tight deadlines, we offer the convenience of a 24-hour turnaround for your radio ads. Don't compromise on quality - collaborate with us today and let your brand be heard.



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Radio Ads & Commercials FAQ

What Is a Radio Ad?

Radio ad would be any audio created to advertise a specific product/service. Radio ads can be played online (on a podcast, website) or on traditional radio, Spotify etc.

Any audio that is designed to help and sell something - would be classed as an ad.

In recent years, digital audio advertising has mushroomed to become a vital, fast-growing ad space. Audio adverts, including traditional radio ones, are highly (and increasingly) effective, so there’s a plethora of freelance talent around, meaning many readily available audio ad production services. Of course, audio ads are not just for radio; podcasts, smart speakers, audio search, video channels, streaming services and more also all incorporate them. Additionally, audio ads are a fantastic way to grow your business and brand awareness, as well as to generate sales.

How Long Is The Usage License?

At Music Radio Creative, we provide a default license of 6 months. However, you’re welcome to extend this to 12 and even 24 months. You can easily select that at the time of ordering (select revelant usage and license length in the dropdown box on the radio ads page).

How Long Does It Take To Create a Radio Ad?

Spoken voice over radio ads can be delivered in 24h or less (if that option is selected). Standard delivery times are between 2-3 working days (depending on complexity of the radio ad). Sung ads take a bit longer and we would suggest allowing at least 7 working days for completion. We are always able to advise on delivery times at the time of order.

Why Do I Need To Pay More For Commercial Audio?

In simple words - it costs more! Voice artsts charge more for commercial recordings. They charge more because they are helping you sell product/service. The larger the audience you tell about your product, and the longer you would like to broadcast it for - the more it costs us (as we need to pay relevant fees to the voice artists). Commercial usage can be complicated (especially where national markets are concerned) but we have tried to keep it as simple as possible. Nobody likes to pay more, but equally nobody likes to be underpaid for their work either.

What Do You Need To Provide?

Your final script is the starting point. If you need help with smoothing out the text - our team can help! We will also need some more details on your target market/audience (so that our production team can tailor production style to suit it). If you have any specific reference points for your radio ad - let us know too. Are there any tricky words? Provide us pronunciation guide - this will speed things up!

On Hold Messages - Also Commercials?

On-hold messaging systems are also classed in the same category as radio ads and commercials. Why? Because they are helping your business with professional image and as a result indirectly impact your sales. Once again - we are obligated to pay our voice over talent a premium for this kind of recordings.

Are Online Ads Also Commercials?

Yes, the final airing media matters for the usage fee but any time you are trying to sell a product/service - audio we create should be treated as an ad.