License Agreement

Royalty Free Music and Sound FX Licence

This Royalty Free Music and Sound FX Licence (“Licence”) sets out the terms and conditions on which Music Radio Creative Limited permits you to download and use a track which you have selected from our Royalty Free Music library, sung jingles library or Sound FX library and paid for in accordance with our Website Terms and Conditions (“the Track”) which can be found here. The words “We”, “Us” and “Our” refer to Music Radio Creative Limited.

This Licence sits alongside our Website Terms and Conditions, which continue to apply to any purchase made from

We retain ownership rights or underlying copyrights, and all rights, title and interest in the Track.

If you are purchasing a Track on behalf of a limited company or a limited liability partnership (a “Business”), then you are a Business User and the words “You” and “Your” refer to the Business. In all other cases, the words You and Your refer to the individual who is purchasing the Track.

If you are a Business User, this Licence is granted to the Business, but the rights set out in clause 1 below are limited to three individuals within the Business. If You need access to the Tracks for more than three individuals, please contact us at to discuss a corporate licence.


  1. 1. What you can do with the Track

We grant You a non-exclusive, worldwide licence to download the Track and to use it for the purposes set out below. Provided you comply with these conditions, this licence will last forever.

a. You may make unlimited use of the Track on Your own website, or on telephone messages (such as “on hold” messages).

  • b. You may modify, the Track including incorporating it and/or synchronising it into a “Project”, by which we mean an advertisement, animation, sound recording, video clip, presentation, game, film, application or software incorporating the Track and You may produce Your own compositions using the Track by adding Your own music or voice to it.
  • c. You may make unlimited use of the Track, or a Project online, including in podcasts, online radio, on channels such as YouTube, Spotify or any other online-only channel; in corporate videos, on telephone messages (such as “hold” messages) and on community, local or regional radio.
  • d. You may distribute and sell a Project (but not the Track) to Your customers or clients.
  1. 2. What You cannot do with the Track
    1. a. You may not re-sell the Track or any part of a Track in an unmodified or substantially unmodified form.
    3. b. You may not use the Track or a Project in a national radio or television broadcast, in a public announcement (such as in an aeroplane, airport or station);
    5. c. You may not incorporate the Track into any product intended for sale or to be given away as a promotion such as toys, games, software, hardware, electronics and devices, games - whether online or within physical goods;
    7. d. You may not use the Track or a Project for any illegal or immoral purpose, or for any purpose which damages Our reputation (“Damaging Use”). If You do make any Damaging Use of the Track or a Project, this Licence will automatically terminate.

If you want to do something which falls outside the scope of this Licence, please contact us at as we may be prepared to grant you a special permission to use the Track in the way that you would like.

  1. 3. Indemnity

You indemnify us against any losses We suffer as a result of Your unauthorised use of the Track or a Project, or any other breach of this Licence.