Free Jingle Friday

Helping communities, small stations, podcasters, DJs and businesses to get a good sound for FREE. Join Mike and Izabela every Friday at 13:00 BST!

Who is it for?

Radio stations, podcasters, presenters, DJs and anybody who wants to sound good or learn how to make jingles.

Is it Free?

Yes, you can submit your request for a free jingles during the first 30 minutes of the show. You can use yellow or above "Superchat" feature on YouTube to have your jingles also produced.

How to watch?

We are live on YouTube. Subscribe to our mailing list and get a weekly reminder about the show.

Download Jingles

Once jingles have been recorded during Free Jingle Friday we upload them to Google Drive directory. We only store the last 3 weeks of jingles here. They are uploaded as one large file - you will need to find your jingle amongst others recorded. We do not send them out individually - it's up to you to download the files.

Special Audio Offers

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We are dedicated to helping YOU with our expertise and great sounding audio. You can ask questions and engage with us during the show. We recommend you join us on YouTube for the most optimum experience.


We love having fun and do so in a family friendly manner. We recognise that many of our viewers are young and we conduct the show as if our own children were watching it.


We are proud to have created a wonderful community of audio enthusiasts from all around the world. We hope you join us next week!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a retake?


Unfortunately we don't offer retakes during our live show for any of the freebies or Superchats. If you have tricky to pronounce words - ensure to include pronunciation guide inside the script for us. We do best we can, if you have specific requirements it's best to place regular order in our store.


What if my free script wasn't recorded?


With the volume of free scripts we can't guarantee that we will be able to record them all. We always try and do our very best!


What if my superchat/script update wasn't recorded?


To make sure your Superchat/Script Upgrade is recorded and produced please make sure to submit it within the cut off point (between 13:00 and 13:30 UK time), also ensure the script for the Superchat is included in the Superchat itself - otherwise we will not be able to record it for you. Only yellow or above will be produced, all others will just be recorded. If for whatever reason you can't locate your recording please contact our team on - we will be happy to investigate for you. Note that we do not send the jingles out to you after the show - it's up to you to download them yourself after the show.


How do I submit the scripts?


Script submissions are open every Friday between 13:00 and 13:30 BST/GMT during each show. You can submit your free script here during those times. Superchats can be submitted in the same time frame on YouTube only. Note that we reserve the right to shorten the submission time on some of the shows.


Do you offer any free resources beyond jingles?

Yes! We have a dedicated Free Production Starter Kit for everybody who would like to learn how to make jingles, ads, podcast intros and make their voice sound better. You can check it out here.