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Intro Music For Your Podcast - Why It Matters

With a vast number of us tuning into podcasts, not to mention the enormous sums of money spent on advertising within them, this genre has become a significant business. Well over a million of these broadcasts have been recorded in English, so podcasters are constantly seeking new ways to distinguish themselves and expand their audience.

Podcast intro music is often an undervalued but essential detail in each episode. When considering music's psychological impact, it is crucial not to overlook it. Interestingly, this is something that is easy to get wrong.

What is Podcast Intro Music?

To avoid any confusion, intro music refers to the tune that is played before the podcast host begins speaking. You can utilize intro music to influence how you want your listeners to feel as the episode commences. Similarly, you can use it to prime your listeners, making them more inclined to take any desired action afterwards.

In essence, intro music is a fundamental aspect of your podcast's success and a crucial element of your show's branding, attracting and captivating listeners during the initial moments and establishing instant recognition. Music breathes life into your broadcast.

The appropriate tunes instantly convey your content to your audience. For instance, an upbeat intro evokes positive emotions, while slower sounds prepare the listener for a sad or serious topic. The brain associates music with memory and emotion.

Take a look at our guide on the Dos and Don’ts of Podcast Intros to learn more about the benefits of having a podcast intro. 

How Long Should Podcast Intro Music Be? 

The majority of experts would advise you to keep your podcast intros as concise as possible. As a general rule, it is recommended that you keep your opening to no longer than 30 seconds at most. Therefore, depending on your intentions, the musical component is usually limited to a snippet, lasting a maximum of 30 seconds. The goal is to provide listeners with a glimpse of what they can expect from the podcast.

How Do I Add Intro Music To My Podcast?

You can include the intro music in your episode during the post-editing stage. You can use the same software you use for recording and post-production to integrate the sounds into your show. For instance, Audacity is a free, open-source software you can use to edit and adjust the music as per your preference. Ensure you have relevant license for the music use and avoid copyright strikes by choosing royalty free music track instead.

What Makes Great Podcast Intro Music

As we mentioned earlier, broadcasters often make mistakes with their intro music. Just because you're using it legally, it doesn't mean that a tune is perfect for your particular niche. You'll probably need to do some digging to get it spot-on, so that you can set the mood and stand out from the competition.

Here are some more tips for your podcast intro:

  • Unless you're going for a full house or techno vibe, avoid computer-generated sounds like drums.
  • Check how many times a song has been downloaded. If a track looks like it has been downloaded extensively, a competitor may have already chosen the same one.
  • Whatever you pick needs to match the mood and tone of your show, as well as the content of your episode. Identify three words that sum up the effect you are going for, and then find music to suit that.
  • Think of something that will help your listeners identify your brand.

At Music Radio Creative, we can help with all things audio, including podcast intro music, providing you with the tools to make every episode you create sound great. Contact us today to learn more about podcast intros.

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