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Remove Background Noise Presets

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The "Remove Noise" audio presets for Adobe Premiere Pro is a package specially designed to treat and eliminate various forms of unwanted sound from your audio files using the power of machine-learning algorithms.

1. MRC Background Noise (Strong Removal) & (Light Removal): These presets are aimed at removing background noise effectively. The Strong Removal preset is aggressive and designed for severely noisy audio; Light Removal targets subtler background noises.

2. MRC Echo (Strong Removal) & (Light Removal): These presets reduce echo in your audio. The Strong removal preset is for audio files captured in echo-prone environments while the Light Removal is ideal for minimizing mild echo effects.

3. MRC Click Removal (Strong Removal) & (Light Removal): Click noises, often experienced in vinyl recordings or poor-quality audio files, can be eliminated using these presets. Strong Removal is for prominent, repetitive clicks while Light Removal is for subtler, infrequent click sounds.

4. MRC Hum Removal (50Hz & 60Hz): These two presets are specifically designed to combat hum noises caused by electrical sources at these common frequencies, offering a clean and hum-free audio.

Watch the presets in action here: 

Compatible with the latest version of Premiere Pro CC. Prices exclude VAT - it will be added at the checkout to transactions originating from UK & EU. When spending over £30 in our store you qualify for a freebie. More info here.

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