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The Adobe Audition Presets v3.0

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Mike Russell's original presets. Be time efficient and make great sounding audio every single time. Tools for producers who want to be on top of their audio editing game.

Who are the presets for?

- Audio producers

- Voice artists

- Radio stations

- DJs

Feel like It’s Time to Improve Your Workflow, but Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Audio production workflow can be greatly improved with some of the most popular effects available with just a few clicks. Our presets have proven to be time saving and quality improving tool for many audio producers and voice artists. We have worked over the years to optimise the presets so that you can create fantastic audio time and time again without putting hours of post production time.

Those presets aim to provide you with professional tools and techniques that you can apply to your post production process. Compatible with Adobe Audition CC (latest release). Note that you need to hold valid subscription with Adobe Audition to be able to use the presets (this is not included with our presets and can be purchased directly via Adobe store).

Note: Those presets are NOT designed to provide tools for noise reduction etc. Check out our Noise Reduction presets to help with audio restoration. 


x 4 new mono tracks for recording voice overs.

x Male and female specific voice tracks with different EQ and DeEsser.

x Male (lite) and female (lite) tracks for voice overs that require less processing such as raw voice overs for clients, commercial reads, audiobooks and more!

x Clean voice track placed at the top for reference (before and after) listening to hear what each preset is doing to the voice overs.

x Announcer voice track. You asked for it. Now you have it! When you need that big voice sound with extra BASS. This track does it all.

x [SHIFT] + [1] Recording Mode: Shows only two tracks “Voice Male” and “Voice Female” so you can arm tracks for recording a voice over session.

x [SHIFT] + [2] Clutter Free Mode: Sometimes when we’re producing we don’t need to see every track. The screen can get cluttered and waveforms look small. This gives you only the most popular audio tracks so you can produce fast.

x [SHIFT] + [3] Regular Mode: More voice over tracks, more music tracks, more SFX tracks for when you need to create a production with more effects!

x [SHIFT] + [4] Advanced Mode: If you know what you’re doing you can reveal all the voice over processing effects (on bus tracks) and alter to your heart’s content.

x [SHIFT] + [5] Vocal Processing Mode: View only the bus tracks with vocal processing effect added for quick tweaking of the secret sauce.

x “Voice Pitcher” preset. Always on. For fast pitch shifting and stutter pitch effects with ease just by drawing on an automation line.

x “80s Voice” preset. Get that 80s sound with a modern twist!

x “90s Voice” preset. Everything you love about radio imaging from the 90s!

x “Chorus Flutter” effect added to “Voice Chorus” track. Now you can widen your stereo sound and add a little pitch shift too.

x “Repeater Mode” effect added to “Voice Echo” track. A longer, more substantial echo. Great for “in the mix” DJ drops!

x “Laser Mode” effect added to “Voice Flanger” track. Add pew pew lasers behind any voice over with this one click effect!

x Simplified the vocal effects. Added effects you’ve asked for and made it easier to switch modes on each effect.

x Dedicated community support forum included.

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