Audio Podcast Production Services

Outsource your entire podcast production process to the top audio producers in the world. Take your podcast sound to a new pro level!

What's Included?

Post production of your audio podcast episodes can be frustrating and time consuming. The good news is - it doesn’t have to be that way! Outsource your whole podcast production to expert audio producers - with full training in producing professional shows - all you will have to do is record each episode and send us the unedited files for further production.

Adding EQ and light compression as necessary and needed - this will vary from one podcast to another due to differences in equipment and sound quality

Setting the perceived loudness level to the new agreed industry standard for internet, mobile and podcast audio consumption (-16 LUFS)

Inserting any provided audio branding elements and jingles into your podcast

Reducing breaths and microphone pops (where they are noticeable and impact on quality)

Post producing any blips/mistakes (if you say something wrong and then correct yourself - although we would require clear markers in the audio or written notes (you can clap for example or create a 5-10 second pause between the takes)

Noise removal where possible (if your podcast is recorded in a very bad recording environment - for example live events or interviews)

Where audio has been recorded as an interview and there is a noticeable difference in audio quality - if possible - we will ensure the audio quality from the guest is improved in sound

ID3 tagging of each completed episode

Save the finished production in an audio format of your choice - usually MP3, 128 Kbps CBR, Stereo, 44100 Hz

The turnaround time for each episode will be 3-5 working days