Holiday Season 2019

Mike and Izabela Russell of Music Radio Creative

December is our favourite time of the year. The usual work slows down and we have the opportunity to look back and celebrate all those special moments we had.

From our family to yours, wherever you are in the world. We think of people we hold dear in our hearts. This includes YOU! We would like to wish you incredible New Year 2020 and may all of your wishes come true in this new decade which unfolds in front of our eyes.

May 2020 bring many happy moments, fantastic jingles to celebrate them and health and happiness to you and your family.

Special thanks to people without whom your audio wouldn't sound as good as it does now. Our wonderful audio specialists - Andrea and Emilia. Audio producers - Nonso, Eric and Jorge. And the entire MRC family - selection of people from all over the world who are passionate about great sounding audio.

Thank you!

Quick Peek Into 2020

The biggest accomplishment of 2019 for us was the launch of our brand new website. We have worked on improving the user experience, changed our brand colours and enabled many e-commerce functions that you were asking for.

In 2020 our focus will be on new products that you can download instantly. The products will be based on the requests we receive from you. We are already working on brand new Production Libraries as well as new Sung Jingle Themes. We will also bring new countdowns, increase selection of voice variety in them and change production values that you have enjoyed for nearly the past decade!

We are also thinking heavily of new areas for jingles to make their mark on - those include flash briefings, virtual reality, gaming industry as well new technologies that are emerging now.

Holiday Season Specials

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